Weaving Hopes-Sericulture & Handloom

North eastern states of India have a special place for its beautiful handloom craft. Northeast handloom goods are endowed with excellent artistry that differs from tribe to tribe. Moreover, some varieties of Silk are Assam and other NE States such as Muga, Eri & Mulberry Silk (Pat). Grameen Sahara has been working in this sector for last two decades. Grameen Sahara with a view to organise this sector as well as to enhance the income of the communities involved with this activity has adopted several programs and initiatives. Golden Weavers Program, which is one of the flagship programs has catered to 7000 handloom artisans around Eri Silk spinning and weaving activity. Moreover, as a part of backward integration we are also working in the field of Eri Silk rearing. Under this intervention 600 women members have been actively involved in production of Cocoon. Two number of Eri Resource Centre has been promoted for provision of inputs to the rearers. These centres are run and managed by the community.