Rejuvenating Ecosystem

North Eastern part of India are known for its rich biodiversity and known for its diverse and most extensive lush forest cover, but in recent times it is facing severe deforestation. Forests of this region are unique structurally and species composition. This region is a confluence of temperate east Himalayan flora, arctic flora of Tibetan highland and evergreen flora of South-east Asia.
These flora helps to maintain ecological balances and at the same time boost environment by preventing soil erosion, water holding which act as a carbon sink. Increase in population and underlying poverty can be seen as a major reason for forest degradation. Moreover, rapid exploitation of the natural beyond its regenerative capacities has broken the equilibrium of the environment. Also, the livelihood specific to the poor sections who are forest as well as fringe dwellers gets impacted as they are dependent on fire wood, grazing land and water.
Grameen Sahara from its very inception have been working in the field of conservation under its thematic area- Natural Resource management. The Community-based Forest Management and Livelihood Improvement in Meghalaya (MegLIFE) is a JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) assisted project to be implemented in the State of Meghalaya. Grameen Sahara has entered into an agreement with MBDA which is the executing agency. Our primary objective is to restore and conserve natural resources within selected villages through sustainable forest management, livelihood improvement, and institutional strengthening, thereby contributing to conservation of environment, biodiversity and uplifting of socio-economic conditions of people. Currently we are working in 2 development blocks of East Khasi Hill district and 2 development blocks in Ri-Bhoi Districts.