Mrs. Manju Bala Rabha, a widow of 47 years of age is a resident of Khokhapara village under Chayani Barduar Block of Kamrup District, Assam. The primary occupation of her household is agriculture. Besides agriculture, she is also involved in Eri Silk Weaving like any other tribal household in Assam as a part of their tradition. She has been doing this activity primarily for household consumption for own clothing. She has joined the program in the year 2020. Under the program intervention she received capacity building training on Scientific Eri Silk rearing and its management. She was also supported with rearing stand for multiple trays rearing for increased production. Since the project involved promotion of intercropping of Castor plantation which is the primary hostplant for Eri rearing and horticulture crop in their homestead. She knew the traditional way of rearing but with the increased scientific knowledge she has successfully conducted 7 number of cycles of rearing annually. She has been able to produce 50 Kgs of Eri Cocoon worth Rs.50,000/-. At the same time, she also did intercrop of horticulture crops which helped her for household consumption.


She has a traditional loom with bamboo posts which she uses to weave basic clothing and not very complicated designed fabrics as it requires a bit sophisticated loom with additional attachments like Jacquard and other weaving accessories. Moreover, the time taken to complete a product as well as the quality is not up to the mark. Under the project intervention she also received training of upgraded handloom weaving and was provided with a Jacquard. Post training, she has started weaving designed Gamocha and other fabrics. Moreover, she has been linked to the Grameen Silk Producers’ Co Ltd. An entity promoted by Grameen Sahara for continuous orders as well as for marketing of their products. She believes that with this noble support from CRISIL Foundation she will be able to increase her household income. She feels like this journey of hers is like a metamorphosis of Eri Life cycle and this will continue for her life.