Education to all

Grameen Sahara is also pretty much concern about the education of the ones from the vulnerable sections of the society. With a view to reduce the school dropout rates as well as to provide additional support to the students studying in the government schools, has promoted a trust by the name of ARPAN (Assistance for Rehabilitation and People’s Action) which endeavours at providing and promoting quality education amongst the poor and underprivileged. Its aim was to motivate the school dropouts for resuming formal education along with promoting extra-curricular activities amongst the children. From 2010, ARPAN has coordinated a program ‘Teach my Village’; that aims at creating an enabling environment for education. The program focuses on a poorer section of the society where school dropouts are more. Regular community meetings are organized to sensitize the parents and elderly people for quality education of their children. Parents are made aware about their role in promoting education. As most of the parents were illiterate so it becomes difficult for them to help assist their children in studies. For this the program has arranged for door step services to the households. Home visits by the volunteers are arranged to monitor the activities of the students and their development. Besides, drawing competition, lecture programs, games, cultural functions, movie, picnics etc. is also organized for creating a general awareness and congenial ambience in the area. This program was successfully continued for two consecutive years. But we could not continue this program due to un availability of fund as this program was internally funded microfinance program. This noble initiative was highly appraised by the parents and society as a whole.
Later on, owing to the huge demand form the community and other civic organization Grameen Sahara had to take the initiative of promoting an education institution-Grameen Jyoti Academy with the single most determination of carrying forward the legacy of its parent organization- that never compromise on quality. Here the institution is in place for holistic development of a child through education. Our smart and diverse communities of students and teachers shall create an environment which will be supportive to the enthusiastic learners of all ages. Ample scope for the development of the students will be ensured by the positive physical environment of the school. Continuous enhancement of teaching skills of the teachers keeping their competency to handle different needs of learners. The number of students in each section will be maximum up to 40 so that plenty of scope can be provided for individual attention to the students. GJA is the first CBSC school in the south Kamrup region. The idea is to start a school where there is no discrimination irrespective of social and economic status, allowing equal access to education at an affordable fee just to meet the operation cost. Along with this, every year Grameen Sahara is providing scholarships to four poor meritious students for college education.