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Centre for Micro-finance & Livelihood (CML)
It is a support umbrella organization for capacity building, research, collaborative interventions and policy advocacy in the social sector. CML established in 2008 with the active support of the Tata Social Welfare Trust (TSWT)- and allied of Sir Dorabji Tata Trust, Mumbai. It is centrally located in Guwahati (Assam) and presently functions in a project mode under Grameen Sahara. In fact, CML is the result of the untiring effort of a selected group of like-minded people from diverse fields sharing the concerted vision of providing a platform resource and capacity building organization to cater to the evolving needs of the budding social sector of the Northeastern region of India.

The vision of the CML states ‘To be a lead catalyzing hub for the enrichment of the development sector of the Northeast region and evolve over time to respond to emerging needs
Mission:To support, facilitate and initiate processes for increasing opportunities and choices for the deprived, undeserved and disadvantaged people of the region.
 To strengthen networks, linkages and flow of information among the formal and informal institutions involved in the sector.
Presently CML is focusing on four major thematic domains as follows:
 Organizational self-awareness and assessment.
 Organizational capacity enhancement.
 Livelihood linkage and promotion.
 Sectoral influence and pro-action.
Initially CML endeavors to create a network amongst the NGOs and NGO-MFIs in the region; so as to enhance the information flow, enable self-learning and harness cross-learning benefits. It focuses on self-assessment of the grassroot institutions for identifying their specific capacity building needs. In addition, CML collaborates with different Community-based Organizations (CBOs) in initiating, innovating and supporting livelihood project on pilot basis with the ultimate objective of scaling up of the successful ventures. Above all, it endeavors to provide periodic ground insights to policy makers through dialogues, policy workshops and relevant process documentation.

CML has now been registered as a separate society and it is an independent entity. Grameen Sahara played a facilitating role in setting up of this sector support agency through an engagement of long six years. As on 31st March 2015, all the assets and liabilities have been transferred to CML Society. Although primary focus of CML was to build the capacities of smaller NGOs now the Society will work in the ground as well. Grameen Sahara has always felt privileged to host the CML project and finally transforming it into an independent entity.

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