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ARPAN (Assistance for Rehabilitation and People’s Action) Trust
ARPAN Trust is the philanthropic endeavor of the Grameen Sahara; presently engaged in promoting quality education amongst the poor and underprivileged. It also motivates the school dropouts for resuming formal education along with promoting extra-curricular activities amongst the children.

Since February 2010, ARPAN has been coordinating a program ‘Teach my Village’; that aims at creating an enabling environment for education. The program focuses on a poorer section of the society where school dropouts are more. Regular community meetings are organized to sensitize the parents and elderly people for quality education of their children. Parents are made aware about their role in promoting education. Home visits are given to see the activities of the students and their development. Besides, drawing competition, lecture programs, games, cultural functions, movie, picnics etc. is also organized for creating a general awareness and congenial ambience in the area.

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