A step towards Natural Resource Management

Grameen Sahara has the strength of 15 years of experiences in promotion of rural livelihoods through Natural Resource Management. It involves comprehensive engagement, support and instituting community-based processes across the NRM. To increase the involvement of local people in the preservation of environmental assets and to encourage the community in different farming activities, Grameen Sahara has been implementing Diversion Based Irrigation Project for a decade. The endeavour ends at proactive people’s participation through productive activities generating rural employment and agricultural productivity which ultimately leads to food security and all-round improvement of rural livelihood. This initiative has been supported by Tata Trusts and Ajim Premji Foundation.
This intervention is carried out with its prime aim for preservation of the springs located in the village by recharging the aquifers through the proper treatment of catchment area with the participation of the local people through improving their skill and awareness and strengthens their institutions so that the initiatives sustain in the long run. The project level interventions are also demonstrated the possibility of increased income opportunities. The intervention was done in two districts of Kamrup and Goalpara where 37 community owned watershed structures have been developed at different phases covering 5500 households. Besides irrigation, water purification system has also been facilitated in 22 numbers of villages installing Tech-Jal Water purifiers with the support of Tata Chemicals to provide safe drinking water.